Top 7 crossfit exercises for weight loss

crossfit exercises

The desire to stay fit is everyone’s goal. This is the reason why so many people are seen doing so many genres of workouts. Well among them one of the most popular ones for loosing excess baggage are the cross fit exercises. There are several cross fit exercise equipment available in the market which can people can get and work with. The usage of such cross fit exercise equipment will assist in making that workout really effective. Some of the popular ones which flock the markets are- climbing ropes,    training bumper plates, gymnastic rings, jump ropes, flat utility benches, spring collars, squat stands and several more.

crossfit exercises

Here is a list of the top cross fit exercises which people mainly follow are as follows.

Cross fit WOD # 1: Half Cindy- (10 Mins of AMRAP)

This is one of the popular cross fit exercises which people can really prefer to. Though the entire Cindy exercise is about 20 minutes but for a cross fit exercises for beginners one can start up doing about 10 minutes only. Whenever we start doing an exercise, it is always important to get use to the pace of the workout. This will assist in getting the body rise from the ground while employing to do one push-up after another. One can also get to know what their body is capable of and for how long can it keep going. Along with that is associated the necessity of form.  This form, as the body gets tired may start to deteriorate, but to be honest there is no harm in that as happens to most of people, and if it doesn’t than that person is super-human. So don’t be reluctant in using modifications or alterations. Do about 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 air squats. These push-ups can be done on the knees but remember not to over-do it. This is one of the top tips for cross fit exercises for beginners.  There is no point in torturing the body to get results fast

Fran WOD

The Fran WOD is considered to be among the most effective cross fit exercise routines around. Though it is a bit tough to pull it off but if it is somehow managed than there is no other better workout than this.  The mechanisms of doing it are to start in an upright position holding a barbell against the shoulders. Squat keeping the bar at the level of the shoulder, and have those elbows stretched out with the palms facing upwards. Fall back to standing while thrusting the weight on top of the head into a push press employing radical motion or explosive motion. Do about 21 reps accompanied by the push-ups of about the same number of reps. Repeat this cross fit exercise routines with 15 reps and then 9 reps without taking rest.

Glute-ham developer sit-up exercise

This is another one of the popular cross fit ab exercises going around. They assist in getting a good core. This form of sit-up is performed on top of a glue- ham developer and the motion is to extend as far back from the hip and extend back to a point where one can reach the pads which are above the shin and instep. Do about 10-15 reps without any break.

The hollow rock

This is another one of the popular cross fit ab exercises which one can employ. To perform the hollow rock workout one is to lie on the ground facing up with the arms extended overhead and the legs stretched out in a straight manner. Then try and lift the arms and legs about 1-1.5 foot above the floor and try and formulate a rocker in a rocking chair. Slowly tweak back and forth and do about 4-5 sets about 10-15 reps each continuously. This is one of the most common cross fit exercises at home which people can also do.

The Air squats

This is without a doubt one of the most common forms of cross fit exercises which people refer to. This form of exercise is mainly focused on the lower portion of the body such as the calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes, abs etc. This is also among the top cross fit exercises at home regiments. Spread those feet wide apart and lower those glutes back with the arms stretched out. If the body can take it then go further down deeper than the thighs, basically parallel to the floor. After that try and stand up enabling a complete extension of the hips while sustaining the chest lifted. Repeat this workout for about 15-20 minutes without any break and see the results.

The jumping squats

This form of exercise is very similar to the one mentioned above except for the fact that when one rises up with an upright chest position just explode up into the air. When landing keep those knees bend to protect the joints. Then again repeat the dose and keeping doing it for about 15-20 minutes non-stop


This is perhaps one of the most tried and tested forms of cross fit exercises while people employ. They are extremely good for the cardio and enable every muscle in the body to function.

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