The popular snatch crossfit workouts!

snatch crossfit

The snatch crossfit workout is known as the fastest lift exercise in the world. This not only does it improve the balance and flexibility, but also enhances the strength, power, stamina, coordination, agility etc. This is something which many people are seen employing. They are a little tough initially but as one get the hang of it, then they can serve numerous benefits to the body as well as the muscles.

snatch crossfit

Here is some prominent snatch cross fit technique which people must follow

  • First master the one arm dumb-bell snatches – if ever there was a power exercise which is not related to jumping then it’s the one arm dumb bell snatch. It is the easiest Olympic lifting workout which one can learn and even the motor morons can pull it off. But it is the first step and mastering it is crucial.
  • Remember to start off with a hang position- Learning from the hang posture on the barbell or the dumb bell is always recommended. First stand upright , and then bend by flexing those hips. Push that rear out and gradually decline with the hands above the knees. At the same time lower the back portion flat.
  • Complete the power posture- there is no reason for one to squat all the way down if he/she doesn’t plan to complete the power position. So softly bend those knees and reach lower than the quarter squat at the very most.
  • Move on with a clean grip which is about shoulder width as they are safer and effective.
  • Do not go too wide as there is a distinct possibility that the shoulders may not be able to withstand it. So do not extend that the index finger in the rings.
  • No need of over-compensating- do it in about 3 reps per set. Snatch cross fit workout are very technical lifts which also means that they are also very explosive. This is a rule that anything which is explosive as well as technical should be done at about 2-3 reps per set. Regular do it and once the body is adjusted then increase the reps or for that matter the sets.
  • Start off with small weights- Again another rule about snatch cross fit workout is that they should be first be done with light weights. With so much of explosion there are high possibilities of injuries, so just start off with light weights and increase as things go along.

These are some of the snatch cross fit technique which one should follow religiously.

Snatch crossfit workouts are really tough and hectic. It is mainly a culmination of skill, technique and power. Hence here is some of the probable snatch crossfit workout for the readers to follow:

The power snatch crossfit

The two-position power snatch cross fit workout is mainly done by  2 consecutive distinct starting positions. The first being the floor and the second by hanging it at knee level. However it is very important that the athlete as well as the coach discuss it first-hand. Also the reason should also be justifiable.  It is mainly done from the bottom to the top. There is also a three position power snatch with the position being the floor, below the knee and above the knee

The hang snatch crossfit exercise

The hang snatch crossfit is a simple variable of the hang snatch which involves lifting the bar to standing posture. The positions which are involved are- high hang-upper thighs, mid-hang- middle thigh, hang-above the knee cap, knee- bar at the knee cap, below knee- bar under the knees. They should be done at about 1-3 reps per set regularly and only increased if the body can handle it.

The block snatch workout

This is another potent workout for snatch. The mechanisms of doing it are pretty much similar to that of the conventional snatch except that the bar should be should be rested on the block rather than on the floor. The common blocks are the knees and under the knee.

The Dip snatch workout

The dip snatch needs- standing in a upright position, bending down neatly at the position of the knee and then quickly transition at the bottom of the dip. Then slowly extend those hips and knees and complete the pull of the snatch. Make a point to keep those feet flat as the dipping and dipping is to be done with the legs and feet. The lift is mainly to be executed with an elastic drive and dip without any pause and also remember to keep the bar close to the body during the entire process of the lift.

The floating snatch deadlift

Use the conventional starting position and pull up the bar at a complete standing posture with controlled speed. After standing bring down the plates near the floor but without touching them. Then repeat the same procedure again from that point.

The halting snatch deadlift

After doing the snatch deadlift at the assigned height- mainly the  upper thighs and the hips, keep those shoulders on top of the bar. Stay in that spot for about 3 sec and then return to normal. The mechanisms are pretty similar to that of a normal deadlift. The only thing which is added here is the pause time.

These are some of the common snatch crossfit workouts for the readers. Hopefully this list was helpful.

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