Daily routine for beginner crossfit workouts

beginner crossfit workouts

Beginner crossfit workouts are the workouts that can give you healthy and fit body. It is developed by Coach Greg Classman. He gave fitness a new way. It includes intense training to stay fit.  Beginner crossfit exercises at home can be little tough. But crossfit fitness workouts can give you a fit body that you dreamt of. You just have to follow some simple rules of beginner crossfit workouts at home. Crossfit training workouts needs concentration, determinate and precaution. Beginning crossfit exercises you have to watch out your moves, so that you might not hurt yourself. Regularity can give you best result. After beginning crossfit workouts you also have to push yourself to do heavy workouts. The crossfit workout routine is very easy to follow. With minimum coaching and guidance you can see the difference. Athletics do this regularly to achieve the physical strength and fitness they desire for their career. At first crossfit workout regiments may seem hard as your body can ache. But with passing days you can gain the flexibility in your body. Some crossfit beginner routine are mentioned below.

beginner crossfit workouts

Top 10 beginner crossfit workouts

These exercises are very helpful if done regularly. Read them carefully and try to follow for better results.

  • For beginning crossfit workouts try deadlifts, weight from 95-135 pounds. And then do burpees. In this exercise first stand and place your hands on the floor. Then jump again to stand. Repeat this beginner crossfit workouts at home multiple times.


  • Another crossfit workout routine are dumbbell thrusters and kettlebell swings. In the first crossfit beginner routine hold a dumbbell weigh 15-25 pound in both of your hands. Keep the dumbbell in front of your chest. Get down and maintain the position of the dumbbell. Raise he dumbbell when you get up. In the next crossfit beginner exercises try to swing 53 pounds.


  • 15-20 air squats, 10-15 push-ups and 10-15 ring rows. Do these crossfit training workouts as fast as you can. These are some of the best beginner crossfit exercises for men. As they can do these workouts much faster than women.



  • Another best beginner crossfit workouts for men is running. Run long and fast. The more you will run the more calories you will burn. This exercise is very common among best beginner crossfit workouts for men or women and also very helpful.


  • Rope jumping is also very good. Do 60 -100 rope jump and you will see the development. Do this exercise for minimum 15-20 minutes. Don’t forget to do it faster.


  • Do box jumping. In this exercise stand on a 25-30 inches box and jump with both feet. Do this for 40 times. Also kettle swing is good with this exercise.


  • Stand on a 30 inches box and do box jump then perform 10 burpees and following that do 20 kettle swing for eight to ten minutes. Do all these as fast as possible. Remember to be very quick while workout. These workouts can be done together.


  • Perform 100 single rope jumps and 100 double rope jumps. Also you can perform wall ball with a 20-30 pound ball. Do this exercise for 15 minutes. Also you can run after this exercise.

  • Next very useful beginner crossfit workouts are front squat. Perform 12 front squat in a row as fast as possible. The more speedily you will perform this exercise the better result you will get. In this exercise you have to rest the barbells on your front part of the shoulder for balance. Try to start with 12-25 pounds. Raise your elbow, while holding the barbell with your fingers. Watch this video link for more information and techniques of front squat.

  • After completing front squat do push press. Finish your exercise with 20-25 sit-ups and a 400 meters long race. Work hard to get the body you desire. Performing exercise in correct form will keep you healthy and energetic. Perform each exercise for minimum 10-15 minutes. Watch the video link to know about perfect way of doing sit-ups.

We all know that health is wealth. Doing above beginner crossfit workouts will not only help you in maintaining a good body shape but will also acts as an energy booster.  Do them regularly for better outcomes.

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