Challenge yourself with crossfit at home workouts

crossfit at home

In today’s world when all of us experiencing hectic work schedule accompanied with lots of stress and pressure, keeping oneself fit has become a great challenge. Along with that our eating habits have also deteriorated. Fast foods have become a key ingredients in today’s diet. To overcome all these problems and keeping yourself energetic and healthy crossfit workouts at home are best solutions. Apart from these, workouts enables us to perform our daily work like running, jumping, shopping or moving in a train more conveniently. We can obtain same result as a gym without much investment or time consumption in travelling with the help of crossfit at home. All these crossfit at home wod are performed without any equipment.  Crossfit at home no equipment workouts are equally beneficial for functional movement. The crossfit at home workouts for beginners are considered in such a manner that in the comfort of home you can get the output easily. Crossfit at home exercises for beginners are designed scientifically so that no beginner faces any trouble or long term side effects after conducting these exercises. However if the exercises are not properly done then the result as expected will not be achieved.

Top 10 crossfit at home workouts are as follows:

crossfit at home

  • Start your crossfit workouts at home with simple and easy squats. The air squats is considered as a foundation of movements. It works with the lower body. For this workout you have to lower your hip portion and raise with the stretched arm. Glued your feet in the ground and try to get-up-and-go on your knee. Repeat this exercise at least 10-12 minutes.

  • The next very popular crossfit at home devoid of gadgets workout is jumping squat. Like air squat in this exercise you too have to bend on your knees keeping your arms stretched and jump up high in the air. Be careful with your joints.

  • Next crossfit at home workouts for beginners is pistol squats. Here you have to work out with one of your leg. Put our weight on your left leg and raise the other in the air. Slowly lower it down. You can also hold the exercise for some time for better result.

  • Next crossfit house wod is front plank. It works for abdominals. Rest your body straight on your chest and balance it with your arms. Your arms must be placed in the ground. Now push your abdominal in the front and pull it back. Hold yourself for minimum 30 seconds.

  • The next variation of crossfit exercises at home is side plank. Your forehand should be in a position of 90 degree touching the ground and rest of your body with be in a side position. Lift your hip by pushing your forehand in the ground. This exercise should be done for both the sides. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds.

  • One of the best crossfit at home workout is lunge. Start the exercise by standing straight. Then slowly forward one of your leg to the back of your knee touching the floor. Position the front knee of your knees above your ankle without track over any of your feet. Change the position frequently.

  • Now in the position of lunge with the help of your arm jump swiftly in the air maintain 90 degree position. This workout in called jump lunge.

  • When you are done with the above exercise, challenge yourself with speed skaters crossfit at home wod. Stand facing forward below your hips. Now push to your right side with the help of the left leg and jump up. As you land, your knees would slightly bent while you will land on the ground making you squat a bit.

  • Place your arms in the ground and with the help of your legs jump up high. Your hips should still touch the ground.

  • One of the easiest of crossfit at home is s This exercise is nothing but to run at your top speed. Continue running for at least 10 minutes.

All the above crossfit at home no equipment workouts will help you in maintaining your body shape without any heavy investment. All those who are not getting a chance to visit your nearby gymnasium or who don’t have the facility of good gym within their locality can now workout at the pace of their home and take the advantage of easy crossfit workouts.

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